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Roy's Story

In our latest Advisor Story, Charleen recounts finding Roy the ideal care home when time was of the essence.

February 7, 2023
Roy's Story

Roy's Story

I received a phone call from Ealing Hospital to say that they had a patient called Roy, who was fully aware that the hospital had done everything they could for him, and he was now ready to be discharged from their care. It was explained to him by the hospital staff that a nursing home would be the best route for him now that he could no longer live alone, due to him having a high risk of falling. He was over the capital limit so realised that he would be a self-funding resident. So, I was on a mission to get Roy the best care at the right cost.

As it was a Friday afternoon when I received the call from the hospital, I knew that I had to work quickly as Roy really didn’t want to stay in hospital any longer, and the weekend was looming. Most care homes will only admit on a weekday, so time was of the essence. I was asked to liaise with Roy’s niece to update her on what homes were available within their preferred location and I found two nursing homes with vacancies that same afternoon. Roy’s niece was duly informed and she was really happy with both homes but preferred one of them as it was on her commute journey. She was excited that she could visit her uncle on her way back from work. Roy’s niece got in touch with him and asked him for his preference. He agreed with his niece and confirmed that he was happy for me to ask the home to assess him.

I immediately phoned the manager of the nursing Home and explained the urgency of the admission, and the manager kindly agreed to carry out the assessment over the phone.

Roy was admitted to the home as planned, and both he and his niece were delighted with the outcome.

The home manager was sympathetic to Roy’s situation, and once the assessment was carried out and she confirmed that the home could meet Roy’s nursing and care needs, she agreed to take him the next day, which was a Saturday.

Roy was admitted to the home as planned, and both he and his niece were delighted with the outcome. A few days later, I received a phone call from Roy’s niece to say that he had really settled in well and how grateful they were for my help in finding the right home for him. I really felt that I had made a positive difference to this family, and it is a great feeling!

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